The Law Firm of Carl D. Poplar, P.A. engages in a wide range of practice, including the following areas:

Civil Litigation
The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in class action lawsuits, federal civil rights lawsuits, federal and state securities claims, and various contractual and business disputes.
Personal Injury and Automobile Negligence

Personal injuries can occur in various contexts, and can be the result of numerous causes. In many cases, another party or entity can be responsible. From slip and fall injuries, to physical assaults, to workplace injuries, to injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, it may be possible to obtain a civil recovery against others responsible for these injuries.

The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in all forms of personal injury and automobile-related lawsuits, and has done so for nearly three decades.

General Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can be brought against an individual or business under a variety of contexts, from local ordinance violations to indictable state crimes to federal offenses, each with their own potential consequences. Charges can include things such as drug-related offenses, physical or sexual assaults, arson, burglary, damage to property, fraud-related offenses, as well as crimes involving computers or the Internet.

The firm represents individuals accused of crimes at every level of the courts of New Jersey, as well as in federal courts throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and has defended many high-profile cases that received national media coverage.

White Collar and Tax Fraud Criminal Defense

Business operations have become subject to an increasing amount of regulation and investigations, from all levels of federal, state and local government. Businesses and individuals can be charged with various violations and crimes arising out of business activities. These can range from regulatory or statutory violations, to indictable criminal offenses. Both the state and federal governments also regularly review and investigate businesses and individuals to enforce compliance with tax laws.

The firm represents businesses and individuals in a wide range of complex matters in state and federal courts, including criminal grand jury investigations, charges relating to economic fraud, mail and wire fraud, and money laundering. The firm also regularly advises and represents clients in tax fraud and other tax-related matters.

Representation of Professionals before State Licensure Boards

When an allegation of improper conduct is made against a professionally licensed individual, there is often a great deal at stake, including the potential loss of the individual's livelihood and even the possibility of criminal charges.

The firm represents numerous types of professionals before various Licensure Boards and in administrative proceedings throughout the State of New Jersey. The firm regularly represents medical professionals, attorneys and law enforcement officers.

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